Our working methodology

We not just build products but also long term partnership. Our methods are transparent, easy to follow and result oriented despite the project size.

1 - Analysis & Discovery


In this step we identify the client's needs and user expectations. By reviewing the business logic we uncover technical requirements, possible solutions and product's initial release.

2 - Sketch & Flowchart


Before going further, we sketch down the whole project to have a better understanding and to stay in tune with the concept we are building. To enhance logic and to check any possible uncertainty we design a flowchart for every possible scenario.

3 - Planning


Conceptualizing and creating the strategic plan that defines processes, framework, timeline, costs and parameters for achieving desired outcome. The whole project will be splited in chunks grouped in sprints for better managements and review.

4 - Sprints


Depending on project size, each sprint will last 2 to 4 weeks followed by detailed review. Our work will be online on alpha environment for testing, debugging and approval. Each sprint will increase the project features until his successful completion.

5 - Retrospective


Every feedback we receive on different projects will improve our way of working, so we can be more prepared for the next big thing. Continuous improvement from experiences is part of our working philosophy.

Communication & management tools

  1. Slack

    Real-time communication between anyone involved in the project.

  2. Asana

    Higly eficient project management tool.

  3. Skype

    Voice and video communication with our team.

  4. Alpha

    Testing environment with updates every sprint.

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