Server Configuration

Your online business runs on servers. Outsource their configuration to professionals for better performance and security.

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First we study the hardware and software requirements for your application to run smoothly. Is important for us to know what we are hosting in order to ensure an uninterrupted service for the actual visitors and your next customers.



Everything will be installed according to the best practices to ensure the best performance, stability and security. Along with the latest updates and applications we will implement the right technologies to scale your system for example clustering, distributed file system, load balancing, database caching Etc.



After stress-testing to the new environment we will migrate all the data from the old server, or from your local developing environment, to the new hosting platform. After successful migration we will monitor the hosting performance and stability to be sure everything is going as planned.


Backup procedure

This important phase is very necessary to secure the data availability outside the server in case of major hardware or software issues. The backup will be configured according to your application needs mentioned on the first step.

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