About ZERO / ONE

From the simplest middleware to complex web applications, we are here to help you succeed.

Our team


We are

Who We Are

A team with combined experience in many vertical industries attached to details and perfection. We don't see the world in bits and dots but we can go this close to satisfy our needs for performance and beauty.


We do

What We Do

Transforming business ideas into a digital living thing is our daily routine. Our products are the result of intensive studying, work, experiments and love for technology so at the end we can say, yes we made this possible.



Our Values

Focused on quality, innovation, self-improvement and adapting to changes describes our core values. Years of work have shaped our personal typologies and here, as a team on Zero/One, we call it approach.


Business partner

Business Partner

You are not outsourcing the technology outside your business, you are working with a partner. This is exactly how we think and work, as a team in a different location, a tech partnership agreement.

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